Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Holidays!!

We had the best time for the Holidays!! My whole family came down and we did it down in Herriman at my sisters again. We all stayed down there for about 8 days. We had so much fun! We did the Polar Express up in Heber on Christmas Eve and the kiddos loved it! We went to an indoor water park, went to the zoo, the boys did a "boys day" and went to I Fly in Ogden while us girls went shopping and spent their money ;) It was so fun seeing all my family again, I wish everyone lived closer! Hopefully someday and soon they all will. Now it's back to the real world. I start student teaching in a couple weeks, I am excited to start! Tage has been at his job for 2 weeks and likes it a lot! Hope everyone had a great Holiday Season!!

All the kiddos! They are so much fun!

Polar Express

Kids coming down to see what Santa brought them :)

Christmas Morning

1st Christmas Together :)

Me and Heidi ran into PHIL from Modern Family at the Jazz game....SO COOL!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cruisin' the Sea :)

So Tage surprised me with me with a cruise! I found out about 2 months ago and we went the 2nd week in December. It was kind of our "late" honeymoon  :) We went with 2 other couples and had a BLAST!! It was a 7 day cruise that went to Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. We went zip lining, parasailing, and ate and ate and ate! Tage gained about 12 pounds haha. But he can just blink and he'll lose it all, so I don't feel bad. I was too scared to even see what I gained, I'd rather just not know. But we had a blast! Tage graduated a few weeks ago and has started his first job so we are so excited! I start student teaching in January and I am really nervous but also excited :) My whole family came down for the holidays, and we have been having SO much fun with them! Tage fits in as if he has always belonged. It's been a blast! I'll post pics soon. Hope you all had a great Christmas!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Break :)

So we had a blast this Thanksgiving Break. We spent it with Tage's family up at their cabin in Wyoming. There was lots of snow up there so we had a blast sledding and 4 wheeling. Tage took me 4 wheeling at night and it was so much fun! We probably ate enough food so that I could hibernate for the winter and be fine! There was so much yummy food that I couldn't help myself ha. We played games and made gingerbread houses and watched football all day long. Chelese, Tage's Aunt, and I, went and worked out after thanksgiving dinner because I literally felt like I had to or I was going to explode. It was a tiny gym in the middle of no where because the cabin is in the middle of no where, but we had a blast! On Friday, we went to the local church and most all of us played basketball, it was nice way to burn of some of that turkey :) Overall we had a really good break, and can't wait for Christmas Break with my Fam! :)

Tage having fun on his toy! Even in his shorts.


Suzanne and my Gingerbread House :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Turkey Bowl Champs!

Well we had a pretty fun weekend! We played in the Turkey Bowl up here at Utah State. Even tho there was a snow storm the night before, and the field was covered in snow, we still trucked out there to play! We couldn't feel our feet at all, but it was still so fun! Our team name was the Pumpkin Eaters, and we won the Bowl last year. The teams are supposed to have at least 2 girls, but of course most teams didn't. So it was extra fun to beat all the teams with all boys while we had 5 girls and 4 boys :) We won the tourney again to claim Back to Back Champs! Our semi-final game went into double overtime, and I'm not just saying this cause he is my hubby, but Tage was amazing! I was so impressed. He caught the most amazing touchdowns (and knocked down a few peeps on the way). I was very proud of him, I was screaming, "That's my husband!" after he caught the game winning touchdown. It was super fun! We got our names put on the trophy again, got sweatshirts and t-shirts, and they served everyone a yummy yummy turkey dinner after. It was a blast!

The girls, minus Marissa

Me and Tage with the Trophy
This what we had to play in..but it made it even more fun!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fun Weekend!

So it's been awhile since I have updated. We have been pretty busy this past month. I am still helping coach soccer at USU and its been real fun! The season is pretty much over, there is about 2 weeks left. I can't believe how fast it has flown by. Tage has been busy with school, he is graduating this December which is right around the corner, he can't wait! He had a job interview this past week, so cross your fingers it goes well :) This past weekend we went down to Heidi and Ben's and had a blast! We went to the Pumpkin Patch and took Ollie in his Halloween costume, it was so fun! I pray our babies are half as cute as he is! We found out that Tage has the "eye" for finding pumpkins. He found all of them from like a mile away, pretty impressive ha. We went to Park City and went shopping at the Outlet Malls and Blake came with us. He showed us his offices, he works at Skull-candy in Park City. It was so cool! We all wanted jobs there when we left ha ha. And of course he hooked us up with goodies ;) We also helped Heidi decorate her house for Halloween. It looks pretty cool. I love my family! We had a blast all together! Tage fits perfect in with the fam. It's almost scary how we really could be brother and sister ha ha jk!

Ollie at the Pumpkin Patch
Us at the Pumpkin Patch

Tage with his Pumpkins haha
 Tage has been playing on a Flag Football team for Intramurals this past month. They are SO GOOD! It is so fun to watch them. They ended up winning the whole thing and are going to UCLA in California in 2 weeks for a Regional Tournament and its all expenses paid by USU and excused absences from school! They are way excited!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So I thought I would do a little post on what we've been up too lately. My parents were in town and it was a BLAST! We had so much fun with them. They stayed a few nights with us and then stayed with Heidi and Ben too. They were able to catch 4 of my soccer games which was fun! They said it was nice to finally watch a game and not be stressed ;) ha. I cooked them a home cooked meal to show off my wannabe cooking skills. They liked what I made, but I'm not sure if they were just saying that to be nice haha. But I am getting better with the cooking. Tage's only complaint is that I don't make enough food. We are going to be broke he keeps eating as much as he does. Let's just pray we don't have 4 boys like him or we'll be living on the streets ha. While my parents were here we went to the Lagoon and had soo much fun! I hadn't be there since I was about 9 years old and my "Justin" moment (only some may know that story). Here are a few pics:

Waiting in Line at Rattlesnake Rapids

Ollie on the helicopter ride all by himself...sooo cute!

We also have our apartment all done and decorated! Thanks to Tage's Aunt Chelese and his Grandma, it is soo cute! We love it for our 1st apartment together :)

Living Room
Living Room

Living Room


Monday, September 5, 2011

Re-United :)

So a lot has been happening since I have been on here. We have finally been re-united together :) Tage is finally back from South Carolina and boy am I sooo happy! And I think Tage is a little happy too ;) ha. Tage was selling security systems out in SC, and I had to be back here in good ole' Logan because I am helping coach my old team, Utah State Soccer. It has been a lot of fun, a little different transition for me, but it's been a good experience! School has finally started back up for us too, nothing like being a super senior :) haha. I am definitley ready to be done, Tage is too. But one more semester and we will join the real world. Not quite sure if that's a good thing or not yet. I have been "trying" to cook for Tage and be a good wifey, and I think I have done an ok job so far, but the only complaint has been I am not making enough food. Tage its for like a family of 5! So ya, we're probably going to be broke in 2 months ha.

My parents have been in town this past week. They came down to visit and watch some soccer and see everyone! It has been a BLAST! We went boating with the Shiozaki's, went to a REAL Salt Lake game, Family parties, and just having a good time :) Hoping that they move down here pretty soon! Well that's been our lives in a nutshell this past month!

Coaching Debut :)

REAL game

Dragged Tage out to the REAL game, even if he won't admit it, he loved it! Our kids WILL be playing soccer :)