Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Coleson Bradd Clifford

I am finally getting around to posting about our sweet new bundle of joy, Coleson. We are just so in love with him. He is honestly the best baby ever. He is always smiling non stop, we just can't get enough of him.

I was really worried about having another baby, I just didn't think I could love another baby as much as Kason, but boy was I wrong. My heart has literally doubled size for this little guy, we couldn't love him more. 

I would like to write about his birth story so I always have it as memory, because I KNOW I will forget. Which I probably already have anyway ha. 

So at about 35 weeks, my blood pressure spiked. It happened with Kason too, but not until right at 40 weeks, so this was a bit earlier. It wasn't pre-eclampsia, but it was still on the border. The doctor just told me to take it easy when I can and to stop work to rest more. So lucky me, I was able to be done with teaching a lot earlier than I thought :) I couldn't complain about that. As I kept going to check-ups, my blood pressure was stable and gone down a bit, but still not low enough to be normal, so the doctor wanted to induce me at about 38.5 weeks. 

So we went to the hospital Wednesday morning on May 13th to get induced. We checked in at about 7:30am. My labor was REALLy fast with Kason, about 6 hours total, so I thought with Coleson it would go maybe even faster, boy was I wrong. I wanted to wait a little longer to get the epidural with Cole, because with Kason, I just thought I got it way too soon. So they started me on pitocin and such at about 9:00am. I didn't feel any pain or anything for quite awhile. The doctor finally came to break my water at about 2-3 pm. And this is where my traumatic experience all started haha. I don't remember it ever hurting with Kason, to get my water broke. But for some reason this time, it was the most pain I have ever felt for as long as I can remember, I kept crawling up the bed to the very top, it was embarrassing. The doctor kept asking me to come back down haha. He ended up not thinking he could do it until I got my epidural because I was moving up the bed and in so much pain. So he left and said for me to get my epidural and he would come back. Little did we know, he did end up breaking it during that whole horrible experience, but it was time to get the epidural anyway. 

I should of known right away that something wasn't right. I just didn't feel numb at all and only one side felt any difference at all, but the nurses kept telling me that is how it supposed to be and that it takes time to go numb, and blah blah blah. I listened to them, because I wasn't in pain yet, so I thought I would have patience and wait it out. Well as time went on, I finally started to progress. And I was getting really really uncomfortable and could feel a lot. They had the anesthesiologist came back to re-do the epidural or whatever they are supposed to do, but couldn't do really anything to get it to go numb where it is supposed to be...hint hint, my you know what. My legs were numb, but no where else. Very frustrating. I am sure it numbed it a litttle compared to having nothing, but it sure didn't feel that way ha. So anyways by the time I finally got to a 10, which was at about 10:00pm, I was hurting SOOOO bad, I was shaking so bad and couldn't control it. I think I was just more so scared to push him out because I knew I would feel it. So I was psyching myself out a lot. When the doctor came and we began to push, it actually felt so good, I was so surprised. I only had to push for about 5 minutes and Cole was here. My mom and Tage were in the room with me, and were great supporters! Even though I was kind of a wuss! Haha. Once they put Cole on my chest, I remember yelling, "Oh that was sooo worth it!" And of course you immediately forget the pain you were in. My recovery was 100 x's better than Kason, I felt great. Coleson came out at 8lbs. 6 oz. at 10:13pm. 

Coleson has just been the best baby we could ever ask for. And Kason just loves him so much! We were really nervous about Kason and how he would be with the baby, but he SURPRISED us all. He was soo cute when he met him for the first time. One of the best moments of my life. The first few weeks, anytime someone came over, Kason would run over to Cole and yell and point "Baby! Baby!" letting everyone know he was his baby. It was priceless. 

Here are some newborn pics we got of Coleson. We LOVE them, especially the brotherly love ones. 

And now that Coleson is almost 3 months, he has already changed soo much! He is so much bigger than Kason was. We have a feeling he may be pounding on big brother before we know it, at least Kason is fast ;) Here is some pics of our sweet little guy so far. 

Had to be under lights for a few days. 

Coleson's bedroom my mom did...AMAZING!

Brother kisses!

First Smiles!


Comparrison of the two boys...who's who?? Brothes for sure! (Kason on the left, Cole on the right)

Welcome to the family Baby Coley! You couldn't be a more perfect fit! We LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!!!