Sunday, June 30, 2013

Time is flying by!

My baby boy is already 3 Months old! WOW! I can not believe how fast the time flies. He is just getting bigger and bigger, but oh sooo fun! He smiles all the time now, and is just barely starting to giggle. It is so cute! He weighs about 13.8 pounds now. He is starting to get chunky too! When I look back at his newborn pictures and see how small he used to be I just don't believe it. It is so crazy how fast they change.

My parents were in town for at week and were here for his blessing day. It was so fun having them here. We went to Lagoon a couple times, we took Kason to the water park in Lagoon and went around the river with him, he has fun in the water. His blessing day was perfect! We had it here at our house, and then had a big lunch for everyone over at the park so all the kids could play on the playgrounds, it was a really fun day!

This last weekend Heidi, my sister, and I ran a 5k for our friends brother called, "We Got This 5k". It was really fun! I am starting to workout again and eat healthier to shed these pounds! Tage is doing it too. So we can now motivate each other :)

I am really enjoying my summer off! That is the best part about being a teacher haha. It is going to be HORRIBLE going back :( I can't even think about it or I'll start crying. But gotta do what ya gotta do. I had my Team Camp for soccer this last week. Kason came with and was soo good! All the girls were so awesome with him. I had some awesome parents that helped watch him too. So hopefully he'll stay good for me this fall. I am really counting on that so I can bring him with me.

We are heading back to Washington this next week. I haven't been there for 2 years, and Tage has never seen my home town. So we are both really excited! We are flying so I am a little nervous to see how Kason does, we'll cross our fingers he is good :)

Here are some pictures of him from this last month (month 2):

At his 2 Month check-up, he had a his 4th blow out for the day and I had no extra clothes (cause I already used them) and no diaper (oops on my part). So I had to take him home naked and borrow a diaper. I am sure there was some serious judging from the nurses there. haha.

 Love waking up to this face. He is so good when he wakes up, just smiles and sits in his crib!

First day we took him to church after he turned 2 Months

Loves his cuddles with Grandma Joyce, and she sure loves him!

One of my favorite pictures

Time to put some bumper pads on for him

Goes from 0 to 10 in less than 3 seconds when he's hungry (just like his momma)