Saturday, September 12, 2015

Spring Forward to Summer Funnn!

So here's a little update of what The Clifford's have been up to these past few months. Let's start with Kason's 2nd birthday. I still CAN NOT believe my baby boy is 2! Holy cow! Time really does fly by, and I hate it! But oh what a fun 2 years it has been, wouldn't change it for the world. Kason has definiltey turned into a wild child. He is one BUSY BUSY boy. But oh how we love him sooo much! He is just all boy. Loves to growl, hit, run, chase bugs, hit and kick balls, smash cars, make a mess, get dirty, need I go on? We love him more and more each day. For his 2nd birthday we took him to Lagoon and then had a Mickey mouse Clubhouse birthday party with family and friends, he is one LOVED and spoiled boy!

The next few months consisted of getting ready for Baby Coley to come. If you read about my last post on Coleson, I had to take it easy the last month. Here are a few pics of what we did, leading up to Summer.

Easter Egg Hunts!

Finding East Baskets with Dadda

Our handsome boy on Easter!

Found him asleep like this right after we moved him to his big boy bed...fell out of bed but kept on with his sleep. (Update: we don't have problems with this anymore haha)

Our favorite place...Fiiz! 

Runs around the house with Dad's hat yelling, "Dadda! Dadda!"

Loves his Ollie buddy!

I have been fortunate enough to be able to stop work and coaching to be home with littles. It it bittersweet. This is what I have always wanted!! But not being able to do soccer was very hard. But I know in the end, it was the right choice. Here has been  our summer so far with two kiddos in a nutshell....

Swim lessons for the first time. Got kicked out of his class because he wasn't "listening". So we had to down size to the mommy and me class. I ended up loving it tho. Was able to have one on one time with my best little buddy. 

Would wear those swim goggles all summer if I let him. 

Oh how AMAZING it is to have my family closer. My brother's family has moved here. And we are loving it. Cousins are the best! 

Usually how it asleep and the other awake. 

My best friend Shio from college got married in July, beautiful wedding and more beautiful bride! So happy for her!

Cherry Hill fun with friends!

Superman brothers!

Soccer girl reunion! Holy kiddos!

Got to love going to the Movies

More Lagoon days. 

Awesome 4th of July with family! West Point parade and party, and then BBQ with family!

Learning to keep the head up!

What kid doesn't love this?!

Cheese ball!

Obsessed with the Avengers...especially Hulk!

This kid is ALL boy! Bugs, dirt, fighting, running non stop, etc. Love all of it!

We did a little mini vaca at the end of July. We were invited up to my friend Summer's Ranch in Montana. It was a blast! It was literally a little piece of heaven. We road horses, 4-wheelers, went to "Evel Knievel Days" and relaxed in one of the prettiest places. Kason was in heaven, but I think Tage had more fun ;) he wants to buy a horse now ha. 

Evel Knievel Days...saw two world records get broke, pretty cool!

The Montana bunch!

We blessed sweet baby Cole on August 9th. Tage did an amazing job. We love our sweet boy sooo much, and are soo glad he is apart of our family! Here are some pics from the day!

Coleson is our chubby chunk! He was busting out of his outfit hard core, so he only lasted in it for the blessing, then we took it off. 

We had an amazing summer full of lots of fun and different things! Here are some last few pictures that round up our end of summer fun!

Homemade snow cones with Cousins.

Fun times at the Davis County Fair!

We played dress-up ALL summer long! These are two of his fav's. We had to change them about 3-4 times a day. 

Our Coley boy turned 3 months on August 13th. 

Fun times at the Zoo!

My parents have FINALLY moved here! YAY!! They are living with us, while they are building their house in Mountain Green. We are so happy they are here close and get to do things like this whenever they want. They took Kason on a date up to Snow basin. He is loving having Nama and Papa close.

Pool time fun!

It is time to start buckling him in...Close call. 

Twinners! Kason on right, Coleson on the left. Same outfit, 2 months apart. Coleson may be beating up on big brother here shortly. 

Oh how they love each favorite!

To end our Summer, we planned a Sisters vacation to California with the kiddos. We had a BLAST!! It was a lot more work than we thought by ourselves, but worth it! We road tripped it  together in Heidi's van to California. We stayed a few days with Heidi's best friend, Alisa in Santa Barbara. We went to the beach and Zoo there. We then stayed the rest of the week at Chad and Robyn's. It was so fun seeing them. The cousins all had a BLAST together. We did plenty of beach days, which was a hit, and then we did Sea World. Heidi's other good friend, hooked us up with free tickets to Sea World, so we couldn't pass that up. We were a little nervous doing amusement park without husbands to help watch kids, but we survived and the kids were so good, especially our baby Cole, he could not have been any better. A few things we learned from out trip: 1.) Don't take your kids to Disney store to stretch their legs, may turn into a two hour ordeal. 2.) Apparently there is rush hour traffic from Vegas to Cali on Sunday afternoons 3.) makes for great deals when you need unexpected hotel stops 4.) DVD player is a must when traveling with 3 toddlers. 5.) Do not stop at exit 179 with big sign MARKET in middle of nowhere, unless you want to re live Texas Chainsaw Massacre. 6.) Get used to sand being EVERYWHERE, have to let your OCD guard down when it comes to sand. 7.) You can never bring enough sunscreen when you have 2 redheaded babes. 8.) Avenger shaped fruit snacks are a hit when waiting in lines at Sea World. 9.) A week is never enough when your having fun with cousins and siblings. Overall, trip was amazing! So many memories made!


My beach babe!

Fun fun times with Cousins!

Our last week of Summer we counted as Labor Day. We went to Tage's cabin. We always have a blast up there, so relaxing and fun. Here are some pics from our weekend.

Coleson may of had a blowout on Grandma :)


Kason would drive the 4 wheeler by himself if I let him. 

Favorite food of the trip was corn on the cob.

And to wrap up our very last days, here are some pics.

Our baby loving the Bumbo

Fun times at the park with Papa and Nama

Our Kason finding his feminine side....Dad was so fond of this. Ha. 

Gracie Taylor finally made her debut! This is Garrett and Christina's new baby girl. She was born on September 8th. We all adore her, the new princess of the family!

That wraps up our crazy, busy, fun Summer! Can't wait for Fall though, we love the season and all the holidays that follow! My favorite time of the year! Til next time...