Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Break :)

So we had a blast this Thanksgiving Break. We spent it with Tage's family up at their cabin in Wyoming. There was lots of snow up there so we had a blast sledding and 4 wheeling. Tage took me 4 wheeling at night and it was so much fun! We probably ate enough food so that I could hibernate for the winter and be fine! There was so much yummy food that I couldn't help myself ha. We played games and made gingerbread houses and watched football all day long. Chelese, Tage's Aunt, and I, went and worked out after thanksgiving dinner because I literally felt like I had to or I was going to explode. It was a tiny gym in the middle of no where because the cabin is in the middle of no where, but we had a blast! On Friday, we went to the local church and most all of us played basketball, it was nice way to burn of some of that turkey :) Overall we had a really good break, and can't wait for Christmas Break with my Fam! :)

Tage having fun on his toy! Even in his shorts.


Suzanne and my Gingerbread House :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Turkey Bowl Champs!

Well we had a pretty fun weekend! We played in the Turkey Bowl up here at Utah State. Even tho there was a snow storm the night before, and the field was covered in snow, we still trucked out there to play! We couldn't feel our feet at all, but it was still so fun! Our team name was the Pumpkin Eaters, and we won the Bowl last year. The teams are supposed to have at least 2 girls, but of course most teams didn't. So it was extra fun to beat all the teams with all boys while we had 5 girls and 4 boys :) We won the tourney again to claim Back to Back Champs! Our semi-final game went into double overtime, and I'm not just saying this cause he is my hubby, but Tage was amazing! I was so impressed. He caught the most amazing touchdowns (and knocked down a few peeps on the way). I was very proud of him, I was screaming, "That's my husband!" after he caught the game winning touchdown. It was super fun! We got our names put on the trophy again, got sweatshirts and t-shirts, and they served everyone a yummy yummy turkey dinner after. It was a blast!

The girls, minus Marissa

Me and Tage with the Trophy
This what we had to play in..but it made it even more fun!