Wednesday, March 25, 2015

4 month RECAP :)

I really need to do a better job of not updating this every 4 months ha. But I say better late than never :) Crazy to think that the next update, will most likely be when Babe #2 is here...crazzzyy! For those that don't know, I am due in 7 weeks, May 15th with Baby Boy #2. We are so excited for him to get here. We "think" Kason is too :) when we ask him he does say no, but then he will give baby brother kisses on my belly all the time, so we are going to just say he is excited! Kason is definitely in for a rude awakening tho, he will now have to share all his toys and not to mention attention time, but I think he will adjust just fine...hopefully. This pregnancy has actually gone by pretty fast for me, which is a good thing. I have had a lot more pain/uncomfortableness with this one tho than Kason, probably just cause it is my second child as well. But overall it has been great. I am incredibly huge I feel tho, I wouldn't be surprise if twins end up coming out at the end. Jk...but seriously. I need to go back and update a few months ago...lets start with the Holidays!

For Thanksgiving we spent a couple days down at the Grand America Hotel with Tage's side of the family. We played in the pool quite a bit and had a blast all together. For the rest of the weekend we headed up to Tage's family's cabin, which is always a blast!! Kason loved the snow and riding the 4 wheeler.

At the Hotel. Getting thrown from Daddy is a Fav!

Fun times at the Cabin!

Christmas is always my FAVORITE time of the year! I love the season and family time. My whole family made the trek down to Utah again and we spent the week at Heidi's. Of course it is a FULL house, but we wouldn't have it any other way :) Kason was big enough to play with his cousins. They were so good with him. He loved every minute.

Some Family pics we got done while everyone was here.

Fun times at the Rec center

Grandma and Grandpa are the best!

Loves his Uncle Blake!

Cutest Santa ever!

Christmas Eve we did the tradition of Polar Express up at the Heber Creeper. This was by far the most fun year for us because Kason was old enough to have fun! He didn't stop smiling and yelling the whole time. It was a blast!

Polar Express with some of the cousins

Christmas morning was so much fun with Kason this year. Of course he is still too young to understand Santa and all of that, but he sure tore through his presents faster than a bat out of hell. He was a spoiled boy for sure! Kason just makes everything so much more fun for us now :)

Spoiled boy!

Syd, one of my best friends from college, spontaneously asked if we wanted to go to San Diego with her for a few days and do LEGOLAND and the beach. How could we pass that up? So just I went with Kason. We had sooo much fun! Kason was still a little too small for some of the rides, but we did put a hat on him that few workers let him slide by on. Others were VERY picky and even smooshed his spiked hair down to measure. So we did miss out of a few, but it was still so fun! But I do have to say my favorite part of our mini vaca was the beach! Kason was in heaven. It was sooo fun too see. I immediately came home and told Tage that no matter what, we are going to a beach this summer, just so he can see Kason in his own little heaven. So we booked a beach house with some of my family for Labor Day at Newport Beach, I can not wait!!

My flight buddy passed out

Fun times in the hotel room.


Had to tear him from the toys!

LOVED the Lego people, always wanted to snuggle

My favorite picture of the trip!

I think that is a recap of the major things that have gone on for our little family over the last few months. We are now just gearing up for Baby #2 to come. We have a lot to do to get ready, mentally as well ha :)

Here are few other pictures of Kason as of late as well.

We met Mitt Romney at Rumbi Grill :)

First fall of snow, he was so intrigued with it.
Disney on Ice with cousins!

Shoveling snow with Papa

First movie in a theatre, Big Hero 6, his new favorite!

I am in scouts, and Kason has finally caught on to the flag ceremony.

Always has to go to bed with his cars.

LOVES the park!

Becoming an addict, gets it from Papa!

Loves his new Power Wheel.

Got some of Kason's 2 Year pics done by Tage's cousin. We love them! I can't believe he will be 2 next week, makes me want to cry!!! Where did my baby go??