Monday, June 9, 2014

Spring to Summerrr Time!

Well it sure has been a while since I have updated this...I think I say that every time ha. I really love having this tho as our own personal family journal. So I definitely need to be better! Well it seems a lot should of happened since I last posted in February, but it's hard to think of everything all at once. Of course everything revolves around our favorite lil' red head :) he seriously is the best thing on this planet. I am starting to think he is realizing it too... we may need to start toning it down a little before it gets to his head haha jk. Well Kason has turned 1 since my last post. It really blows our mind how fast it does go by! Everybody warned me, but I just never thought it would be this fast. Makes me really sad, but he is getting more fun by the minute. We had a big Monster Bash back in March for the lil' monster. I had all these plans and my mom of course made everything 100 times cuter, so it was just going to be perfect. Then of course the day comes, and it is sooo freaking windy! I of course was freaking out, but my mom just started going to town and taping EVERYTHING to the tables, walls, etc. We did it outside at the park so we could fit everybody. I think my mom went threw 2 rolls of tape haha. It looked great and turned out great! And we now have a funny memory for it. Here are some pics of the big bash!

Overall, it was a great party and Kason could of cared less :) haha. The party was definitely more for me than him, but I hope one day he can look back at the pics and think it was pretty cool ha!

In other news, Tage got a new job! He has left Fidelity and is now at Chase bank in Ogden. He is loving it! He really enjoyed Fidelity, but is ultimate goal is a Financial Adviser, and this was just the perfect opportunity in that direction. We are super excited about it! :) I am still at Clearfield teaching PE / Health to the bratty teenagers, ha jk, they aren't too bad ;) But I have gone part time and I am LOVING IT!! I teach every other day and it is perfect. Very grateful to be able to do that. I am still coaching the girls soccer team there, and really love that. Our season is in the fall, but we do have summer stuff here and there. So I am getting a little taste of what this fall will be like with Kason. I thought last year was going to be hard with a baby, heck no! This year will be 100 x's harder!! So our friends have lent us there backpack carrier to use, and so far Kason has been way good in it! Cross your fingers he continues to enjoy it and that I don't blow out my back from carrier him! Here's a few pics of what he likes to do at soccer...

He is our little mascot and the girls love him and are soo good with him. This fall may be difficult with him, but it'll at least be fun...right? ha

Summer is finally here and we could not be more excited!! Of course I love my summers off, but it is also fun because mini vacations come with it! We don't have anything big planned this summer, but just little things here and there. We went to Tage's cabin for Memorial Day and had a blast! And then my parents are coming down for all of July, so that'll be super duper fun!! Anyways, here are some pics of us (really Kason) as of late, and I hope everyone continues to have a blast this Summer! 

Loves wearing glasses!

Totally fell asleep like this! Haha

First big boy hair cut at an actual salon!

Love these kiddos

Zoo Time!

Dawnia's pretty!

Jackson Hole

Cabin Trip

Loves the Splash Pad!

Loved drinking the water..very refreshing!

Had a blast when we hung with Sammie's nephew...insta buddies!

Like Father Like Son :) Love these boys!