Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Fever!

I was able to go home to Washington for a week during my Spring Break. Tage wasn't able to get work off so he wasn't able to go :( I did miss him lots! But I did have a blast!! It was so much fun to be with my parents and see my old friends. My mom helped teach me how to make some bows. I definitely got skipped on the creative and crafty gene! I managed to burn myself twice with the hot glue gun, and I wasn't even using it! But my mom is amazing!! You wouldn't believe the stuff she can do! She is working on making a tutorial on how to make bows. She is making like 80 tutorials and they are SO GOOD! I'll give out more info when they are all done. Overall, it was a GREAT vaca! Hopefully Tage will be able to go out there sometime soon.

At the Seattle Science Center

Jazz Game with Heidi and Ollie before I left


The tulip fields weren't up yet so we had to do with the daffodils

He loves his Lemons!

Some of the Bows my mom taught me to make, you would die if you saw the ones she did!

Gotta love them! Just dancing to Footloose!

I was able to get back in time for Easter. We had a great Easter! We went to Millers for dinner and had an Easter Egg hunt where us Cliffords made out like bandits! It was such a fun time! We then went over to Tage's aunt and uncles house for dessert and to hang out. It was really fun all being together!

Easter Egg hunt

I hope everyone had a great Easter and the Bunny treated you all well :)