Monday, July 2, 2012

June Fun!

So far our Summer has been really fun! At the beginning of June I started conditioning with my High school girls for soccer. It has been going really well. I have been doing it with them, so it has been nice cause it forces me to get into shape ha. Tage finally got his start date at Fidelity, July 23rd. We are really excited! At the beginning of June, I also played in a 6v6 tournament up in Logan with a bunch of my friends. It was so much fun to play again with all of them! We ended up winning the whole thing too. It was fun!

My parents came to visit and we had so much fun! While they were here my mom painted Heidi's new baby room. It is AMAZING! She painted Ollie's jungle theme when he was born. I wish soo bad I had just an ounce of her talent. It makes me want to get pregnant so that she can work on my baby room ;) haha jk. I am really working on the parentals to move down here. I think they are getting more serious, or they just tell me that so I will shut up about it. Either way, I won't stop until they get here! ha. 

I play in a soccer league and we needed a boy sub, so since Tage was there watching me, they asked if he could play. I was like, "uhh..." But he played, and it was so funny and fun! He rolled his basketball shorts up so they looked like soccer shorts and played in his tennies. And he was actually GOOD! He had a lot of fun too. And my teammates were so impressed with him they asked if he wanted to keep subbing for us. Tage was excited and decided he needed some soccer shoes, so since he is big foot, we were able to get some nice Nike Vapors for only $20 at Ross! It was awesome. It has been a blast playing with him :)

Tage and I celebrated our 1st anniversary! I can't believe it has been a year! I guess time flies when your having fun! We have had so much fun together! It's a good thing when you marry your best friend :)

Happy 1st Anni to us :)

6v6 Champs

Tage's cleats we got for $20! Glad he has such big feet to get them cheap ;)

Tage reading to Ollie

My mom doing work! She is amazing!

One tree done...all done by hand!

Fire Day! 

Dinner with fam!

The Hubby pitchin' in our SB game...GO SMASHERS!