Sunday, January 5, 2014

LOVE the Holiday Season!

We sure love the holidays over here at the Clifford house! I've always wanted people to call me "Mrs. Christmas" ever since I was little. It hasn't really caught on quite yet...

Holidays are even 100 times more fun with our little bundle of joy, Kason. Of course he makes everything more fun :)

Let's start with Thanksgiving. We went up to Tage's families cabin up in Star Valley this year for Turkey Day. We went up for the whole week. It was seriously so much fun! There wasn't a ton of snow, but there was enough for everyone to go sledding. We took Kason on his 1st ever 4-wheeling ride. It was FREEZING, so you would think with the wind blowing in his face, he would freak, but nope, he didn't make a peep. We may have an adrenaline junkie on our hands. Kason learned to stand up while holding onto things this trip as well. We did have a little scare with him tho. He was playing with a little remote car, and he placed it on his hair. Well the wheels automatically move, so it wound up all of his hair, he was freaking out! And so was I! Luckily Tage's aunt, Chelese, is smart, because before I could even think of what to do, she grabbed scissors and cut his hair where the car was. So Kason had his first hair cut :) She did a great job too, you couldn't even really tell. We also took Kason to his 2nd movie, Frozen. He wasn't quite as good as he was the 1st time haha. But we just put him in the hallway of the theater and I sat down there and good see the whole thing and he had a blast, so it turned out great! And we LOVED the movie! Overall, we had such a great time! And can't wait to go back again!

1st 4-wheeler ride

LOVES playing with the big kids!

Cutest little Turkey there ever was!

Grandpa and his Utes hat!

While we were up at the cabin, Kason turned 8 months! It is just so crazy how fast time is going by!

This year for Christmas, the whole Hansen fam made it down to Utah again! It had been awhile since we were ALL together! So of course, we all had such an amazing time! We all went down and stayed at Heidi's for the week. Every day was full of something. My mom is great at planning fun things for us all to do. We did the Temple lights with the Childrens Museum, Dinosaur museum, Aquatic center, Polar Express, etc. For Christmas Eve, we stuck with the tradition and went and did the Polar Express. This year was probably the funnest it has ever been. All of the kids loved it!

My mom came out a week early and had some bonding time with Kason...he LOVED IT! And of course, so did I!

Polar Express!

1st time meeting Santa...success!

Then of course Christmas morning was a blast! I love seeing all of the kids faces when they see their gifts from Santa! Kason of course would rather crawl, chew, and crinkle all of the wrapping paper than play with all his new stuff ha. Overall, it was the BEST Christmas we've ever had, and cannot wait for more to come! Wish my family lived closer, but it sure makes it fun when we all get together! Love them to pieces.

Our New Years was fun too! We spent it with friends. It was a little scary tho, Kason was running a 103 fever. His first ever. So Tage and I were a little on edge. We gave him some medicine and talked to the Doctor, but it all said to wait and see if it gets worse. Well he started feeling better, we thought. He had his 9th month check up on Friday and while I was there I just mentioned how he had been a little sick and all. Well the Doctor started to check him out, and then I could see this look on his face that didn't look too good. Turns out, Kason has RSV and an ear infection. I seriously felt like the worse mother ever, how could I not know it was that bad? Well this kid is just so tough and happy all the time, it is harder to know. Anyways, he has to be on a nebulizer for a week and hopefully that will help him get through it. But man he hates it! It's like torture, poor little guy.

Some VERY exciting news for me, I will be going part-time in 2 weeks. I can not wait! I never thought it would be this hard working with Kason, but could you stand leaving that face? I am so blessed to be able to do it.

Well that's a little catch up of what the Cliffords have been up too over the past couple months. I hope you all have a great start to the year here in 2014!

9 Months!

Just getting in touch with his feminine side :)