Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Say What?!?

I know I know I say this every time I am on here, but it really has been too long since I have posted. I honestly don't know where the time has gone, it is crazy! I need time to PLEASE slow down for a minute. A LOT has happened since my last post, so this may be a little long...

Let's start with the summer. Boy do I love my summers off! I get to spend every second with the cutest, funnest, boy around! We sure made this summer count! We had the pleasure of my parents coming down and visiting for a MONTH! It was soo fun! They were able to be here for the 4th of July! It was so fun having us all together for that. Heidi and Ben came up and we did the parade and West Point parties! We entered Kason into the Baby Contest thinking "of course he would win!" When we showed up, I was like, "Oh crap! This is serious business." I started to stress haha. Of course when it was Kason's turn to go on stage, we had a whole plan. My family would yell for him and make him laugh, etc. Well the first thing Kason saw was all the prizes, so he sprints right for them, I of course had to stop him which made him throw the biggest front of everyone! So when we left the stage, we all knew that was a wash. No way was he winning! When it came time for them to announce the winners, they did Saddest Baby award, and call Kason's number!!! I couldn't believe, we were still winners!! Haha. The prizes were LEGIT. We were excited! Next time we said, we'll just pinch our babies before we go on stage so we'll always get that award ;)

Kason and I were lucky enough to get to travel to Nor. California and back home to Washington for a few weeks. It was so much fun. My parents bought Kason a full season of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for the ipad on the road trip, let's just say BEST PURCHASE EVER! He was amazing the whole trip. Garrett, my bro, lives in Nor Cal so that was really fun to see them and Kason got to hang with his cousins. He loved it! While we were there, Garrett, my Dad, and me were able to go a White Water Rafting Trip. It was soo fun! It was my first time, so I was really nervous. Garrett kept scaring me saying I had a good chance of flipping out and what not, but by the end, I was so glad we did it and had a blast! Definitely want to do it again.

Too Cute not to post!

Some of our summer summed up in one pic collage

Kason with his prizes from the Baby Contest

Waiting for the Parade to start...didn't want to dirty up the shirt.

On stage for the Baby Contest

Grandma and Kason at the Fish Hatchery.

First time down the slide.

Got to love my other big kid :)

LOVED the Curiosity Museum.

Found a "Lake" in Herriman that we had a blast at.

Right before we left for the road trip.

Had a blast with his cousins.

Only pic I have from our White Water Rafting Trip.

Photo Shoot with Grandma!

The "beach" in Washington.

SO sad saying bye to them after 1.5 months!

Once August came, soccer started. I was very nervous for this season because I did not know how Kason would be. Now that it is over, it honestly couldn't have gone better. He was amazing! I had 5 managers who helped watch him, one of them, was amazing. She was my little 2nd mom to him. Our season was amazing as well. We were Region Champs for the first time in 23 years and got ranked as high as #1 in the State. So overall, great season!

This is how most practices were..

He was our little mascot again!

The girls love him.

My manager who was amazing with him.

Just hangin' with the girls.

September and October are some what of a blurr! Soccer takes up most of our lives for those months. I am sad to see it end, but also excited to have our lives back! But some VERY exciting news that happened in September is Tage got a new job! He works for Trans America now in Bountiful. It is probably the greatest blessing. He LOVES and is doing great there! So exciting and great for our family. I am so proud of him for working so hard to get to where he finally wants to be. Here is some random pics from those months...
Euro cut and steps for the hair do.

Last wkend before they closed with the cousins.

Ogden Temple Open House. Love these two.

Fun time with friends.

Just reading to himself.

My parents came to visit this fall as well. It was a shorter trip than the month one, but we still had a blast! We went to Black Island Farms and LOVED IT. It was our first time, and definitely not our last!

Halloween was sooo fun this year with Kason. We took him trick or treating with some neighbors and he followed them like a pro. He definiley acts bigger than his age. He learned to say Thank You after every house. It was so cute and so fun! He definiley makes Holidays more fun! We then ended the night by going to Tage's aunts house, Chelese, for some dinner and more treats! Always a good time.


And to end this post...we have some exciting news...Baby #2 is on its way!!! We are soo excited! We may not be ready or know what were doing, but we can't wait. Kason will be the best big brother, at least we hope :) Baby is due in May. I am about 12 weeks today. Hoping for another healthy cutie pie like Kason! Although we probably should of quit while we were ahead ;)

Perfect shirt to share the news on Halloween!

 When we first found out :)

He's excited! Even tho he doesn't know it yet ha.