Thursday, February 6, 2014

Good Start to the New Year!!

Well so far 2014 has been GREAT! And too be honest, I am not sure why...Nothing big has happened or anything, I am just really happy and realizing how blessed I really am. I guess one of the main reasons I am so happy is because I am now part time :) So I only teach every other day and it is awesome! I am loving having more time with Kason. He seriously just brightens my day in the blink of an eye. The other night I was just watching him and seeing all the cute things he does by himself, and I literally teared up. I know, I am pathetic. But I just can't help it. I love that little guy more than is possible I think. I am almost convinced that we need to stop with him and have no more babies, because you just can't beat him.

Love this cute face he does now!

Anyways, Tage and I haven't been doing a whole lot lately. Just relaxing and spending time together, which is sometimes the best :) We are wanting to plan a vacation to go do something, but we will see about that. Tage has been working a lot of overtime lately to make some more money, which has been really nice! He is such a hard worker. Kason just loves his daddy so much. Every time Tage comes home, Kason starts clapping his hands and gets super excited / hyper. It is so fun too see!

Tage and I actually did go snowboarding / skiing together! We went for my was really fun! I hadn't been in 3 years! Crazzy! Had a blast though, we went with Tage's Aunt Chelese and some cousins too. We both said that we want to start going more...we shall see.

Kason turned 10 months a week ago. I just can't believe how fast it goes by!! It makes me really sad actually. He is getting closer to walking, but still has a ways to go. We'll see if he gets there before his birthday bash. I guess I shouldn't be in any hurry.

Below is Kason in his Seahawks gear! Oh how fun that was! I am from Seattle, so it was really exciting to watch them win! Kind of boring game tho, but I'd take that win anyday :) My parents said Seattle was just crazy! Wish I could of been there to see in person.

Anyways, that is about it from us this past month, here are some more pics of our little cutie (as if you haven't see enough already... :)

This was random and weird rash Kason woke up with one morning. Doctor said he's just a red head and has sensitive skin...guess we should get used to these haha

Explores everything now!!

Don't know how he sleeps like this....

Our new "Clifford Gym"....time to lose that baby fat and get back in shape!

Handsome boy swimming

Climbed into the shower with me before I could grab him...haha

Love that bum!

Fun time with cousins while they stayed with us for a week :) Loved it!

LOVES swings!

My best lil' buddy!

Happy Happy boy!