Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Busy as a Bee...

We have had so much fun these past few weeks! A couple weeks ago, Garrett came to town for work. So we all got together and had a blast as usual! Nothing is more fun than when our family gets together!

Tage and Garrett wrestling :)

The boys getting ready for the brawl ha

Since I have had a bit of time on my hands, I decided to go watch Ollie for a few days. It was sooo fun! He is serioulsy to die for. I hate to admit it, but I bawled my eyes out when I had to leave him, pathetic I know. We had so much fun together!! Here is a few pics from the few days of being with him:

Funny faces in the morning!

We went to the park and he LOVED the slide!

Tage and I are on a co-ed softball team with some of our friends. It is sooo much fun! We have only had one game, but it was a blast! We were down 9-1 at one point, but we rallied back and WON! We just needed a little warming up is all :)

We had such a fun weekend this past week! We went hiking, played games, made a fire, and hung out with friends. It was a great time!

The Boys doin' their thing!

I struggled with shooting the gun if ya can't tell haha, I've realized, I HATE guns!

We are going to visit Garrett and his family in Sacramento for memorial weekend! Garrett called Tage and talked him into going, he wouldn't take NO for answer, literally! We are soo excited! Our first road trip together...can't wait to see everyone! I'll post about the trip when we get back :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Sooo a lot has happened these past few weeks. Let's just say we have been SO blessed in so many ways!! I finished up my student teaching at Legacy Jr. High. I was actually really sad to leave. I had a blast there and such a great experience! I am helping out with the track team, so I still get to see some of the kids :) it's been so fun! Well the exciting news is...drum roll please....I GOT A JOB!! I will be teaching PE and Health at Clearfield High School this next school year! I can't wait! On top of that, I am also the new Head Soccer Coach there as well. I just can't believe it. I have been so blessed and I am so grateful for these opportunities I have been given, now lets just hope I don't screw them up ;) ha ha jk.

So more good news is...Tage got a new job as well! He will be working at Fidelity! He is soo excited! He loved his old job, but this new job just has so many more opportunities for him. I am so proud and excited for him! 

And then some more exciting news (maybe shocking to some) WE GRADUATED!!! This past weekend we both graduated from Utah State University! It was such a GREAT DAY! I just can't believe I am officially done and moving on to the real world...and fast! I am so excited, but I do have to admit, I was really sad to leave Logan for good. I have had SO many amazing memories there. One of the best decisions of my life was to go to USU! Aggie for life baby!!

My soccer gals and my soon-to-be teachers!

The hubby and I :)

Can you find us? Ha

Me and Summy!

Was a little awkward asking for the handshake, but I am glad I got it! Ha.

Soccer girls

Gotta love em'

This picture cracks me up!! I thought all gowns were one size fits all? haha.

The Cliffords :)

Here is just some random pics of what else we have been up too lately! Hope the next few months will be as good as the last, it sure will be pretty hard to beat tho :) Til next time....

Just the boys playin' some sunday ball
We are FINALLY Costco people!!

Just the boys out for a Sunday stroll!