Thursday, May 30, 2013

2 Months!

I can't believe my lil' buddy is already 2 months old! It is so crazy how fast it has gone by. I'm glad he's growing and getting bigger, but it also makes me sad. He seriously changes every single day. It is fun seeing him learn or see new things. He has almost rolled over on numerous occasions. He is our little wiggle worm! Tage and I are both just so obsessed with him. He brightens our days and makes our lives so happy! He smiles all the time now, sleeps like a champ (7 hours), he has found his hands and loves sucking on them. And my favorite is that he loves to cuddle on our chest still. I hope he never out grows that :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

1 month...come and gone!

Well I told myself that I would update this a lot more now that Kason is here so that we can keep this as a journal of him and all that he does, but obviously a month came and went! But better late than never :)

We are just sooo in love with our little buddy! He is just so much fun! He has been such a good baby, not that we know anything differently haha. He only cries when he is hungry which makes it easy to know. He does have a fussy time here and there and it is usually in the later afternoons, but it doesn't last long. He was terrible during the nights for the first 5 weeks, and now he sleeps like a champ! He went from 2.5 hours to 7 hours in one night. It freaked us out so bad! We thought he had died and we both ran to his room to make sure he was still breathing. He doesn't sleep 7 hours every night, but he's at about 5 hours and only wakes up once. We love it!

I had to go back to work last Monday, and it was soooo hard!! I bawled my eyes out the whole day. Every second I can, I come home to hold the little guy. Tage took his 2 weeks of Paternity off now and has been doing such a good job! He is a great Mr. Mom. Kason just loves his daddy so much, he is always so good for him. I love seeing Tage and Kason together, that is one of my favorite parts. Tage is just obsessed with him so much, he is always worrying about him. I love it. Kason weighs about 10.3 lbs. now, we have our 2 month check up at the end of May, so we will see how he is then. He got pink eye the other day, so we had to get him on antibiotics, but it went away in about a day and didn't even phase him. He is a tough little guy. This month flew by and he has changed so much. I love that he is growing and changing, but I also don't want him to grow up so fast haha. He has started smiling and I LOVE IT! The first big smile I saw, I started to cry, I don't know what I have turned into. Ha.

This last weekend we went to Smarty's cabin up in Midway with her, Jake, Syd, Randy, and Elle. It was sooo much fun just hanging out with all of them again. We always have so much fun together. They were all paranoid that they were going to get pink eye, so I couldn't touch anything or even hold Elle. But I would sneak in hugs with Elle and hold her when Syd wasn't around. Couldn't help myself.

Anyways, that is a little update of this last month. Here are few pics of Kason lately. He's getting so big.

Love seeing this!

Loves his carrier

1st major blow out!

Weekend at Heidi's...ha!

Couldn't help myself, won't wear til he's 2

Little smiles :)

Loves his bath time!