Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summer is over :( / 5 Months

Well my summer is officially over :( and boy is it depressing. I never thought I would be like this, but it has been SO HARD for me to leave Kason for work. I know I get to pick him up earlier than most people who work do, but still, it is so hard for me. I cried everyday doing it this week. I don't know what I have turned in to haha. Hopefully it will get easier, but right now it is hard! So if anybody has advice, send it my way.

I mean how could you leave this face?!

My soccer season has started, which has actually be WAY fun! We are currently 5-1. Off to a good start. Kason is our little mascot, and the girls just LOVE him. They are always fighting with each other on who gets to hold him, I love it. I seriously have the best group of girls, they are just the sweetest and nicest group and fun to be around. Their goal is Region Champs and make to at least the Semi's of state. So far so good!
 Our lil' Mascot!

This is how practices go :)

Tage is still loving his job at Fidelity, he is doing so well there too! He is working on climbing his way up and is working so hard. He is the best Daddy to Kason too, they are like spitting images of each other. I love it.

Kason has turned 5 months! I just can't believe it. He is growing up so stinkin' fast, it makes me sad. But I just love this stage he is in now, he is sooo fun! Here is a little bit about him at this month:

I am heading back to Washington in October because my High School Soccer Team is getting inducted into my HS Hall of Fame. So that should be really fun! Other than that, we are just trucking a long and loving on our little family! :)