Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our Baby Boy is finally here!

I guess you can now say our lives will never be the same. Kason Tage Clifford is finally here! And we could not be happier! He sure has changed our lives already, and it is definitely for the better! We love him sooo much!

Here's a little recap of the day he was born, (mainly I am writing this so we can always have this to look back on, cause I know we'll forget ha) Kason was born early Thursday morning, March 28th (my exact due date) at 3:19am weighing 6 lbs. 9 oz. and 20 inches. We had our scheduled doctors appointment on Wednesday the 27th. Tage was able to get work off early to go with me. We had a whole speech lined up to tell the doctor to try and convince him to induce me because we were sooo ready for Kason to come! With the new law, you can't be electively induced on your first baby until you are 41 weeks. So we were prepared to tell the doctor anything to get him to induce me if he could, because I just could not go another week. But right when we went in, they took my blood pressure and it was a little high. So right when the doc came in he said, "well guys, I think it's time we throw the towel in and have this baby." I looked at Tage and was like "Alrighty!" So then he did the ultrasound and checked to make sure the babe looked good, and then said ok I will go check with the hospital and see when we can get you guys up there. Then he came back and said, "Alright guys, at 8pm tonight head up to the hospital to check in." This is exactly what we wanted to hear, but then I started to freak out a little bit. I couldn't believe we were having this baby tonight! We then headed home to get our bags ready and then headed straight to the hospital. At about 9pm the doctor came and broke my water. I hadn't been feeling any pain yet, so I hadn't asked for the epidural. But oh man, it hit me fast! Ha. I felt like a baby, but I finally asked the nurse when the soonest is that I could get an epidural, and she said whenever you want. So I kind of laughed and said, ok, how about now?! Once the epidural came, I was in heaven. Couldn't feel a thing, just the way I like it :) After a few hours, the nurse came in to check me and I was dilated to a 5, she then came back an hour later and I was at a 9.5, so it all happened pretty quick. We had a few scares though with Kason's heart rate. It dropped very very low, and they were really worried about him, so they needed to get him out fast. This scared us pretty bad for a little bit, but everything ended up working out ok. At this point my epidural started to ware off, so I began of course to freak out slightly. I immediately asked if I could get re dosed up or something because I kept pressing that button for more juice to hit me, and I was getting nothing! The nurse was trying to convince me to not so that I could feel a bit to push, but I was like heck no! So I got re dosed and then I immediately started pressing the button every minute I could so that it would kick in before this baby came. I think I pushed it a little too many times, because my hands started going numb, and I was talking very slow. But at this point, no one cared because Kason was coming!The beauty is that I didn't feel a thing, but after Kason came, I got way sick, I think from taking too much of the epidural haha. But all in all I guess it was worth it, but I learned my lesson for the next baby :) Kason came out really fast, I only pushed about 4 times and he was here, the doctor had to help get him out fast though because of his heart rate. It was the greatest feeling seeing Kason for the first time, we couldn't believe he was finally here and was ours! We are sooo blessed to have him in our lives. He brings us joy and happiness every single day, even if it's at 3 in the morning :) I've only been away from him for a few hours, but when I am, I actually miss him, it's crazy. We are just a little obsessed with our lil' stud muffin! We love you so much Kason and couldn't be happier that you are finally here with us!

Right after he was born, crazy how they change so fast!

Love this picture more than words can say!

Didn't like his first bath too much..haha, but he sure loves to be bundled up!

Some pictures that my Mom took of him..turned out pretty cute!

We brought too big of clothes for him to bring him home in. Who woulda thought me and Tage could create a baby so small ;)

This is how we always find him...he squirms right out of his clothes!

Sooo obsessed with him! 

He loves sleeping in this position, he caulks his head so far back haha

Loved his newborn photos!

And of course got to show off his room. My mom is amazing!