Saturday, February 11, 2012

As of late...

Wow...have we been busy this past month! Tage is loving his job still and is starting to job shadow more and starting to get the hang of it. He is being my little spy too, if he goes into any schools he will meet the principals and ask if they have any PE or Health teaching jobs. We have lucked out one so far :) So cross your fingers!

I am student teaching and I am loving it!! I have started to write as many principals as I can to find a job, I will know more info come march and april, but I pray that I find something! So if anyone hears of anything, let me know :)

I had a birthday back in January and it was a good one! Although I want them to stop coming because I don't want to get any older. Tage took me to dinner and got me One Tree Hill Season 8! He sure knows me well. Then over the weekend my Momma came to town to watch Ollie and so we hung out all weekend and had a BLAST! I want them to move down here sooo bad! Over that weekend, Lisa and Shio came over and spoiled me! They gave me the "royal treatment" I guess you could say. It was a day at the spa. I got massages and pedicures. It was so nice of them! It was fun having a girls weekend!

Last weekend was Ollie's 2nd Birthday! I can't believe how fast that cute little guy has grown! Heidi had a party at Jungle Jim's. It was a really fun place for little kids. We had a blast! I love that little cheek!

I have finally joined an indoor soccer team. It is with some of Tage's friends. And let me just say, I have offically lost ALL my soccer skills ha ha. I haven't touched a ball in 6 months and boy can you tell. I was so embarrassed. The team was probably like, "how did this girl play in college?" And I don't blame them. Hopefully over the next few weeks I'll be able to redeem myself, but we shall see...

Other than that, we are just loving life, having fun, and staying busy! Here are some pix from this past month:

Grandma trying her bows on Ollie ha ha