Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Well...I guess the thing to do after you get married is get a blog :) So here we are. I guess a little about us is that we were just married on the big day of June 16th. It was a perfect day! We met last spring up at Utah State. Tage was currently on the football team and I was on the soccer team still. We had a class together, First Aid. I guess it's the class for dumb dumb athletes on how to do CPR haha. But anyways, I had a secret crush the big fella. We never talked, but I thought he was a cutie. But that all faded when I realized he liked my roomie ha. But then the summer came, and we found our true love in the weight room. We hung out all summer, and finally were "official" in July. We do get the looks a lot from people thinking, "did he just kiss his sister?" haha. I guess it must be the hair.

We now are currently in South Carolina where Tage is selling security systems for Vivint. It's freaking hot out here, so he is a trooper for doing it :) We'll be back in Logan this fall. I am coming back in August to help coach the soccer team and Tage will be back end of August when he is done out here to start school. He is done this fall with school and I am done with classes this fall and have student teaching next spring. So who knows where we will be after this fall. Well that's all I got for now. Hopefully we will be getting our wedding pictures soon and I will post them. Here's a few pics of us redhead lovers so far...