Tuesday, November 12, 2013

6 & 7 Months....YIKES!

Oops! It sure has been a while since my last post. The last few months have been caarazzy!! With soccer and all being done, I can finally relax and now have time to update this.


Kason turned 6 months on the 28th, it is so crazy how fast he is growing up! I really think he gets cuter every single day. I sometimes just can't take how cute he is and that he is actually ours haha. We are SO grateful to have him in our lives.

He was sooo good for me at soccer, he came to everything. Practices, bus rides, away games, home games, team dinners, etc. He loved it! And all the girls just loved him and cared for him every single day. I honestly don't know what I would of done if I couldn't have brought him, just a blessing.

Speaking of soccer, what a GREAT year it was. We were ranked Top 5 in the State for 5 weeks in a row, inlcude 3 of those weeks ranked 3rd in the State. We finished 2nd in Region and lost a heart breaker in the State Quaterfinalists. It was such a fun and great year, really sad to see it finish. But looking forward to next season and making it to the championship game! Here is a link to our team website if you are interested to read about the rest of the season: CHS GIRLS SOCCER.


Kason and I flew home to Washington the beginning of October. My HS team was inducted into the Hall of Fame at my High School, so we flew down for the ceremony. I got to do the speech, which was a little nerve racking, but really cool experience as well. It was so fun seeing all my friends and of course my parents! Kason LOVES them! And of course, they fell into the Kason "spell" as well. I wish so bad they lived closer, it is always so fun to be with them. Miss them tons. They are coming out for a couple weeks for Christmas, so that'll be a fun partyyy :)

Kason turned 7 months at the end of October, and he has started to crawl! It is still pretty slow and he only does it when he wants, but it sure is fun to watch!

How he would act when he didn't want the food...little stinker!

LOVE that butt!! 

We had a blast on Halloween and dressing him up! Holidays are just so much more fun with a babe :)

Other SUPER exciting news, Tage got another promotion at work!! SO EXCITING! I am seriously so proud of that guy. He works his butt off, and its totally paying off. He is loving his job and doing so well.

We got out very 1st Family pictures done from our friend. She did amazing! We love them! I just love our lil' family :) here are a few:

That is about all the exciting things that have happened over the past few months. We CAN NOT wait for the holidays! We are going to Tage's cabin for Thanksgiving which will be a blast. And then the whole entire Hansen Clan is coming down for Christmas. It will be a blast.

I have been crafting a ton! I am trying to find the gene my Mom has, and I think it is slowly starting to blossum ha. I LOVE christmas and I am making Tage do lights on the outside of our house. I want to be the Griswolds, but I don't think I can push him that far. We shall see...