Monday, June 4, 2012

Cali Trip :)

We had SO much fun visiting Garrett and his family in Cali over memorial weekend! It was so fun all being together! They took us to San Fransisco for a day and we had a blast! Tage had never been there before, so it was really fun for him to see. Christina taught me a few crafty tricks and we made the cutest chalk board! I love it. I tried to learn a lot of her tricks over the weekend, we'll see if I can remember them ;)  It was such a fun vaca and we miss them already!
Fun Times is San Fran!

My Chalk board and Cinnamon Rolls me and Chrissy made :) Pretty proud of myself!

"Dog Pile" Every morning :) Miss them!

Cute Family!

Love this place!

So Cute!

I WANT this costume!!

Lombard Street, curviest street in the US